Top 25 Self-Defining Images of 2010


Several things I have learned about myself this past year: I love macro images (could use a proper lens though), I love street photography, I love capturing the beauty of models and families, I love trying to make an image artful through interesting angles and use of props, I am addicted to snapping shots of bicycles (don’t ask why… they’re so interesting!), I absolutely love candid shots, I love a good lens flare, and children and infants are far more difficult to photograph than it looks.  All in all, I’d say I love to capture beauty, and that God is the ultimate artist who I am trying my best to glorify.

Please comment!  Be harsh, be critical; I am an amateur and would love feedback :)


2 responses

  1. Jord! LOVE LOVE this!! Yay!
    My two fav are that picture of the phone (I would seriously hang something like that in my house!!) and the boy plowing the truck in to the water…so cool!! I agree, I love a lens flare as well…Ill even add them after. :) & I agree again, kids are BRUTAL haha. Great work!! Some nice sat Id LOVE to walk a downtown somewhere with our cameras and a coffee. :) Its hard for me to get out to take pics unless I have a date set with someone!!! Lets do that sometime ok? Keep it up! Ill check back often. :)

    January 26, 2011 at 9:56 am

    • Thanks, Katie! Haha, now that I’m actually posting stuff, I see how many of my own pictures I actually like, which sort of surprises me in a good way :)
      It’s totally a deal to go out sometime… I love walking around just shooting whatever, especially when there are interesting characters walking the streets!
      Keep posting on your own blog too, I am in love with your work!

      January 27, 2011 at 3:14 am

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