Tiles for America: a heart-wrenching tribute

This past summer I spent several weeks in New York City on a mission trip.  My teammates and I enjoyed exploring the City and visiting all the various neighbourhoods, and one day the lovely Leah and I decided to go to Greenwich Village.  While wandering around and looking for the Strand (<3), we came across this beautiful memorial to 9.11 – it was, as you’ve seen, a collection of commemorative tiles from people all across the country.

To say that it was emotional to walk around this fence corner and read the inscriptions on the tiles is an understatement.  It was certainly an experience which can be compared to no other, at least for me.  Leah and I spent a lot of time taking pictures and just reading the tiles, and actually one of my favourite images ever is that last shot of Leah taking a photo :)

Please enjoy, and honour the memories of those who died that day.


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