Mes Belles Amies

To those faithful few of you who kindly checked my blog for updates in the past few months who may have wondered what on earth happened to cause my lack of posting, I thank you for your interest in my photography.  Unfortunately I don’t have a fantastic excuse for not having uploaded photos of late, other than the fact that I have been really busy.  Currently I am taking a six-week break from “work” as I know it in Hamilton to participate in a French immersion program in Quebec City, and hope to have some extra time here to post some images from all the shoots I have done in the past while. 

These images of my beautiful friends are long overdue but coincide with my last post which covered my trip to Philadelphia and New York City in February.  I think these photos pretty much speak for themselves but words which come to my mind when I look at them are laughter, grace, models, beautiful, and stunning.  

Please feel free to post any comments about Amanda’s wonderful modeling in the last collection of images on her facebook page, I”m sure she’d really appreciate them ;)

Thank you, my lovely ladies, for your undeserved patience in the posting of these images!  I hope that you appreciate them as much as I appreciate you modeling for me in Philly :)   


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