Wish upon a {dandelion}

Once upon a time, on a very muddy day – a perpetual situation on a horse farm in the spring, I do believe – Bre and I decided to visit two new little creations at her former place of employment.  Breana the horse-charmer had to visit all of her old friends first, of course, and gave them loving words of promised visits, which I am certain they are all holding out for.  The foals were quite charming, and the thundering of hooves (even small ones!) as their mothers ran with them around the corral was unlike anything I’ve ever heard before, except in The Man From Snowy River. 

Mastering the technique of landscape and moving-animal portraiture is still on my to-do list, hence the photos aren’t the greatest.  Bre, on the other hand, makes a stunning model as per usual, and I must say that the very last photo of her making a wish upon a {dandelion} may be one of my favourites ever :)   

Also, did you notice I found a four-leaf-clover?!  ’twas seconds after my dear amie said that it would be IMPOSSIBLE. I guess I’m just a lucky lady, minus when it comes to photographic abilities of late.  Next visit: a search for another four-leaf clover is in order, that I can wrap around my lens ;)


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