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Taking the City by Storm

There’s something both amazing and terrifying about taking a team of 15 youth and 2 youth-at-heart to New York City for a week.  Not that I was terrified, but those youth-at-heart dads that came along probably were wondering how it would go with this group of (mostly) country kids in the big busy city that never sleeps.

Our time in NYC was incredible. The inexhaustible energy of the team was awesome and we got to see a lot of eye-opening sights.  Those crazy people spent almost every night in Times Square.  I was able to go with Don to some of the places in the City which were really special to me and it was so lovely to share them with him.  The team was able to visit Ground Zero, Central Park, Columbus Circle, Little Italy for some delicious pizza, the Mets stadium for a game, Flushing (an Asian neighbourhood), and we did even more shopping on Canal St. It was fun for me to be back in the city that I love and bring some wonderful friends to some of these places.

Some of the highlights of the Grace Youth’s time in NYC, for me, were the trips on the subway (so great!), going to church and worshipping on Sunday (and hearing Tim Keller at Redeemer Presbyterian), meals at some interesting places, resting and relaxing in our apartments, good talks and all the laughter.

I’d like to thank everyone who supported us and gave us the opportunity to spend a week in the City.  Special thanks to those from Grace Church in Brantford who made donations and prayed for us and our trip!  Much love to y’all, you are such a blessing <3

* this post is only to highlight some of the fun trips and team-time that we had during the trip.  Following will be pictures and words on the real reason why we went to the City – to serve with the Operation Exodus Inner City kids’ summer achievement program.


Does My Voice Even Matter?

A few months ago I had the privilege of capturing some amazing and inspiring youth from Hamilton showcase their skills at spoken word in an incredible production called “Does My Voice Even Matter?”.  It was AMAZING!

I am inspired by the words and stories of the young people of Hamilton and I am incredibly proud of them!

Please follow these links to hear more descriptive reviews of the “Does My Voice Even Matter?” production and see/hear one of the breathtaking spoken word poems by a youth artist:

SpeakOUT –

Slam poets drop rhymes on Hamilton streets –

And pleeeeeeeease check out this CHCH coverage on the youth centre where I work! [] It’s a happening place and it is so amazing to be a part of everything that is going on there.  I’d love if some of you local Hamiltonians came through sometime…

Shimmering Enchantment

Chelsea was a vision in her blue and aqua graduation gown! Her loveliness is easily captured and I hope you all see the sweetness that I love about these images. Be blessed!

Champagne Elegance

Ashley brought true Hollywood glamour in her classy vintage dress, and was a pleasure to capture!  Hope you enjoy this small glimpse of the many stunning portraits I took.  How can you not love those shoes?!

New Horizons

Chelsea and Ashley are two lovely cousins who recently graduated.  Their friendship and knack for stunning photos made a perfect combination for our visit to Dundurn Castle a few weeks ago.  Stay tuned for some individual shots coming soon!

Congrats, ladies!  I’ll be praying for you as you step into a new chapter of your lives and face exciting new horizons!

Sky Meets Water | Reflections

This girl. She is a beam of light in my life. An excellent listener, she has been there for everything I’ve gone through over the past few years, and given countless hours of love and life to be a beautiful blessing.  Our many adventures include chasing sunsets, roadtrips, flea-marketing, and photoshoots.  I’m thankful for you, dear friend!

These images were snapped when we spent some sweet time together at the Bayfront. I hope we share many more moments! Enjoy, and feel free to recruit her if you need a model for anything..

Sugar and spice and everything nice

In my year-long furlough from posting here, I’ve grown in a lot of ways. Unfortunately, photography doesn’t seem to be one of them. Having faced my fair share of disappointments with my work and feeling a severe lack of creativity, I threw myself into other things that I love.  But photography has never been far from my heart, and I hope to be more intentional in making time to express myself in this art form. To those who have faithfully checked to see if there’s anything new here, I thank you for your patience and encouragement.

These images are of the beautiful daughter of my cousin. Madison was a dream to capture and only the third newborn I have ever attempted to photograph, and I am delighted with how adorable the shoot turned out! Her daddy’s car was a fun prop.. hope you enjoy :)