Gorgeous Geneviève

This beautiful woman is absolutely breathtaking, as I’m sure you will agree!  Interestingly, she likes to claim she’s very un-photogenic.  Here’s a few of my favourites from our shoot one Sunday afternoon in Québec City :)



My sincerest apologies for not posting of late!  I haven’t been doing much photography lately due to my broken lens, which I hope to be replacing shortly and picking back up on what I love :)

These images are from my stay in the city of Québec, a poor summary of my amazing visit there and are far from doing justice to the beauty of the city.  More Québec portraits are upcoming, but please excuse the poor quality (broken lens, remember?).

Thanks to all those who have encouraged me to continue and post, much love to you all!

La Beauté

Voila ma petite soeur Nadia.  Elle est si belle, non?  Je l’aime BEAUCOUP!

This is my little sister Nadia.  She is so beautiful, right?  I love her SO MUCH!

Virginia Beach

Aaah, biannual family vacations!  Although for me, I suppose it would be more like quasi-annual since I missed the last vaca due to a voyage to Europe.  At any rate, there’s few things which are more relaxing than a lazy week at the beautiful beach.  This vacation was certainly no exception, and it was loads of fun and solid bonding-time with all the aunts and uncles and cousins… We spent nearly every day by/in the water, shared lovely meals in the huge kitchen, had a classic July Christmas gift exchange, and just spent a lot of good old time lovin’.

To all my favourite Lamans (and Bilkeses), I miss you all and can’t wait till the next time!  xoxo

ps. to see more pictures check out my album here:


As always when I am with Breana, I had a lovely time one afternoon when we decided to explore our favourite local Flea Market.  These places are seriously treasure troves, and if you’ve never visited I definitely encourage you to do so!  Even just wandering and observing the interesting things people collect or have for sale can be interesting, not to mention amusing.  I personally have enjoyed making quite a number of purchases over the course of my visits, and have to actually limit my exposure to them lest I burn a hole in my wallet ;)

I used this opportunity to practice working with an external flash, so it was buckets of fun and good practice too! Enjoy!

Of spring wanderings and rusted vintage Fords…

Documenting spring is something which I have desired to do since I got my camera last summer.  Sadly, I fear I missed my chance this year as I was quite busy and didn’t spend as much time wandering with camera in hand as I would have loved.  Nonetheless, I did make a few attempts, and here they are :)

And for those of you who are interested in vintage vehicles, enjoy the glamour shots of a delightful old Ford, spotted by a Pearl St wanderer :)

Aussi, j’aime beaucoup ma belle soeur, qui lit tout le temps ;)

Wish upon a {dandelion}

Once upon a time, on a very muddy day – a perpetual situation on a horse farm in the spring, I do believe – Bre and I decided to visit two new little creations at her former place of employment.  Breana the horse-charmer had to visit all of her old friends first, of course, and gave them loving words of promised visits, which I am certain they are all holding out for.  The foals were quite charming, and the thundering of hooves (even small ones!) as their mothers ran with them around the corral was unlike anything I’ve ever heard before, except in The Man From Snowy River. 

Mastering the technique of landscape and moving-animal portraiture is still on my to-do list, hence the photos aren’t the greatest.  Bre, on the other hand, makes a stunning model as per usual, and I must say that the very last photo of her making a wish upon a {dandelion} may be one of my favourites ever :)   

Also, did you notice I found a four-leaf-clover?!  ’twas seconds after my dear amie said that it would be IMPOSSIBLE. I guess I’m just a lucky lady, minus when it comes to photographic abilities of late.  Next visit: a search for another four-leaf clover is in order, that I can wrap around my lens ;)